Read Me First

Another of my personal challenges to solve world's most intractable problems. The Maher Challenge is my attempt to find a way to change Bill Maher's opinion on the The Existence of God (TEG).

In order to prove such a thing, you would be close to answering the Who/Where/How of God. Anyone drawing attention to themselves by saying they were attempting such a feat - would probably disappear ...

I'm not trying to prove TEG, but rather try for reasonable doubt which is the standard requirement of truth in the Judicial System (Man's Laws).

This process will be complete with my Third Book (yet to be written - down), which attempts to bring together science with (Christian) religion. Genesis I is THE dividing line between science and religion. If one could corroborate the story of Genesis I through a scientific methodology you would achieve some doubt - but if you did a great job then you could achieve that threshold of reasonable doubt.

NOTE: "corroborate" is only two (2) on the Veracity (tRUTH) scale - which runs from public statement - corroborate (someone of standing that "seconds" your statement) - .- proven scientific theory - .. absolute/undeniable complete tRUTH.

The Cost of completing The Maher Challenge

The minimum cost is Bill and I spending an afternoon together (maybe with Woody?) face-to-face.

The maximum cost would be to wait until I write my 3rd book - possibly forever if I cannot devote full time to it ...

CRR 6/29/2012